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A picture of the students notes and feed back

Cultivate Pathways invests in immigrant talent

for high-growth fields that lead to economic prosperity, unlimited by language or immigration status.

A picture of one of the students working on the notes

Our mission

is to build equitable career training pathways for immigrant students and English language learners that lead to family-sustaining wages. Cultivate Pathways partners with schools and industry to build new infrastructure for post-secondary career success that does not exclude based on English language ability or immigration status. We break down barriers to paths where they exist and build new paths where they don’t.  We nurture students’ talents and build upon the vision and efforts of students’ families towards their futures. 

A picture of the students working all together as a group

Our Vision

Our vision is to see immigrant students prosper, realizing their goals for themselves and their families, thriving in jobs they are passionate about and providing economic mobility for their families.  We envision young people leading fulfilling lives and breaking generational poverty. 

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